I love creating random designs. Many of you have been surprised to learn that each design is an original, not something copied from a book. So I thought I’d share my process with you.

I start with a blank sketch pad and a black marker (Pigma Graphic 2). No pencil sketch, no outline, no thoughts.

I just start somewhere. In a corner, the middle, along the bottom. And make a shape. The rest of the design builds organically from that first mark.

A starting point - JW Designs

A starting point – jw designs

A Sharpie ultra fine point is used for the more detailed designs. I pause, look at the overall design, and ask what is needed next. My hand seems to know and that’s where I go.

Step 2 - JW Designs

Step 2 – jw designs

Adding detail - JW Designs

Adding detail – jw designs

Filling in - JW Designs

Filling in – jw designs

Evolution - June 4 2015, JW Designs

Evolution – June 4 2015 – jw designs

And the process, for me, is pure joy!


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