Where In The World?

Okay, we all have our “thing”. Some people prefer to stay close to home; others love adventure. Some are drawn to extreme sports; others enjoy a walk in the woods.

So, where in the world can you find an arched bridge where people deliberately choose (and pay) to walk across the top of the arch???

Figure it out, and you’ll know where I am right now (and no, I’m not one of the adventurous ones in the photo!!)


A Birds Eye View


Define Joy, If You Can

What does joy mean to you?

Is it a feeling? How do you know when you’re experiencing it?

For me, joy is often a quiet inner knowing; a feeling that bubbles up from deep within and expands until it bursts out all around me. The whole world seems brighter and lighter in that moment and I feel like I’m being carried on the wind.

Sometimes I experience joy in certain places, or with specific people. Other times, it comes upon me unexpectedly. I find it’s elusive, hard to define, yet unmistakable when it arrives.

What brings you joy?


Flying across the water, wind in the sails … that’s joy!

Still Learnin’

Last week, as we were out enjoying a lovely sail, the wind began to shift and pick up. We took one sail down and the wind got stronger, so we decided it was time to head back to the marina.

As my partner reached down and over to pull the cord to start the motor, a rogue wind caught the main sail and sent the boat onto its edge. I was at the helm and the tiller flew out of my hand. I had the sudden image of my partner going headfirst into the water with me not far behind.

In my panic, I said some unprintable things very loudly, while he calmly reached over and let out the main sail. The boat righted itself with ease.

Under normal circumstances, I know to do that. But in the midst of momentary chaos, apparently my mind takes a leave of absence.

Guess I’m still learning! Aren’t we all?

And isn’t that the joy of living? So much still to learn 🙂

Sailing, sailing...

Sailing, sailing…


Joyful Journey

On the weekend, we participated in the Mini rally organized by MINI Grand River. Such fun!

There were over a hundred Minis of all ages in the event. On the road, there were Minis as far as the eye could see on the straight stretches and curves in front of us and behind us. Between rain storms, convertible tops were down, drivers basking in the sunlight.

Minis are as unique as their owners. Definitely unconventional. From hot pink to turquoise to black and white, with intriguing designs on roof tops, mirror covers, hoods and door panels, each Mini has its own personality, and in some cases, its own name!

I saw a small sticker on the window of one Mini that captured my thoughts for the day…”Life is too short to drive a boring car.”


sitting at wheel of Mini

MINI me!


Thursday’s Adventure

I read in a book recently a new definition for A.D.D. – Adventure Deficit Disorder. I can really identify with that!

So I decided to give myself an adventure today. I did something I’ve never done before.

I packed up my laptop and went to a coffee shop by myself for a few hours (adventures don’t have to be exotic, just different from the norm). While I was there, I read through a draft of a book I’d started to write a few years ago. It’s about my 3-month travels through Ireland, wandering, exploring, letting my heart and feet lead me onward. It’s based on notes I took during that time.

guidebook and journal

My Ireland Adventure – journal and guidebook

I sipped hot chocolate as I immersed myself in another time and place, while snow swirled outside the window. Pure bliss.

It was an adventure within an adventure!

Where will your next adventure take you?

Patience, patience

Taking photos from the deck of a sailboat in choppy water is like balancing on a teeter-totter. You have to learn to anticipate the wave movement (remember that every 7th wave or so tends to be bigger than the rest) and let your body sway in tandem with the swells while trying to keep your arms, hands and camera steady.

That’s why I was so pleased with these photos.

view of Toronto from Lake Ontario

Sailing into Toronto in stormy water ~ jw designs

Toronto skyline from water

My Toronto postcard photo ~ jw designs

plane and helicopter at Toronto Island airport

Activity at Billy Bishop Airport ~ jw designs

Mind you, to get the close-to-perfect shot, you have to take at least a dozen that are anything but!

Nature’s Splendour

Recently, we were in a small cove near dusk. It’s a birding paradise – swans, great blue heron, osprey, cormorants, terns, night heron and green heron…even great egrets.

I took so many wonderful shots, but this one stands out.

It was as if he decided to pose for the photo. About 40 feet away at the base of a tree, watching to see if I would turn my lens in his direction.


Great blue heron

Great blue heron at dusk – jw designs