We Did It!

Yesterday around mid-day, we motored into our new home port, our sailing adventure complete…for now.


It was the best sailing of the whole trip and we made the most of it. Coming across the Outer Gap near Amherst Island, the swells were 3-4  feet but the winds were strong and steady enough that our trusty boat cut through them. What a ride! It was exhilarating and the perfect way to end our 17-day adventure.

The boat is now docked at its new slip but the adventure didn’t end there.


After we packed everything into our car (it had been patiently waiting for us at the new marina), we headed home…only to hear a strange sound and see a warning light on the dashboard. Flat tire. A nail had punctured it.

So instead of going home or even getting lunch, we headed for the car dealership. Luckily they had the tire in stock. Several hours and several hundred dollars later, we were finally on our way home.

As I write, it’s pouring rain. Much needed given how dry everything is. Yet I marvel that, in the last two days of the trip, when thunderstorms and heavy rain were in the forecast, we sailed on, blue sky and sunshine above us the whole time.

May you find blue skies on your life’s adventures too!


Make a Wish!

I took this photo on my morning walk. What do you see when you look at it?

dandelion gone to seed

A common weed or…??

I see a million wishes!

In fact, one of my wishes came true today 🙂 but you’ll have to wait til the next post to find out what it is!

What is your wish for today?

Just Say Yes!

I pulled this card today.

inspirational card with Yes on it

Just Say Yes!

It reminds me to say “Yes!” (in a resounding voice) to possibilities, opportunities and dreams. It also reminds me to keep my heart and mind open to opportunities I wouldn’t normally consider.

I realized though that the real joy, for me, lies in wondering…What are the amazing opportunities and possibilities that are seeking me out today?

I could almost clap my hands together in glee at the thought!


The Joy of Friendship

I’m so lucky. I have wonderful friends.

Last week, two of them brought me these flowers to celebrate my latest successes: the design and production of my new pencil case, and the launching of my shops on Etsy and on ArtofWhere.

20151123_100951_resized 2

The Gift of Friendship

Friends who support and encourage your dreams and creativity are such a gift, aren’t they?

Who motivates you to keep dreaming and creating?