Being Bold

This weekend I took the bold step of framing some of my designs. I realized that simply posting the images in my Etsy shop, or sharing them on my blog was not enough. It was time to walk my talk – to enjoy having them on display on my own walls.

I guess it’s my way of committing to my creative process. After all, how can I ask others to invest in my work if I’m not willing to do the same?

Here’s one of my favourite designs framed.

black and white entwined hearts

“You Complete Me” by escherly 2015

Now to find the perfect spot to hang it!


Banishing the Gray!

It’s a gray day today, so I decided to have some fun…with colour πŸ™‚

I’m colouring in my escherly pencil case using fabric markers. Love the results – bright, bold, happy. The perfect antidote to the gray skies outside my studio window.

colouring in my black and white pencil case

Adding colour to my day…and to my pencil case!

How do you banish the gray?


Child’s Play

I continue to play with this design, and it grows day by day. You may notice in the background my doodle-design pencil case. I’ve started to colour it in with fabric markers. Loving the look!

for blog

And so it grows!

If you’re curious to know how the design is done, check out my first short video here. Can you figure out what part of the design I’m working on in the video?

Playing Around

Isn’t it fun to just play around with a design? I love starting out with no plan in mind and just letting it build bit by bit, day by day. Here’s the latest version of a design I’ve been playing with for the past few days. It is a work in progress, and I have no idea how it will end up.

Another work in progress!

Another work in progress!

I might use it for one of my escherly products, and I might not. You see, the outcome isn’t important. The joy lies in the moment by moment unfolding!

Jumping for Joy

Remember that birch tree drawing that I shared a couple of weeks ago? To my delight, it’s now gracing the cover of an iPad mini!

birch tree and cardinal on device case

My birch tree design on iPad mini case!

Isn’t it gorgeous? I’m so excited!!

You can see more of my device cases on my Etsy shop at

And find my latest design updates on Instagram @escherlydesign

More to come!

Spreading Joy

One of my hand-designed iPhone cases is on its way across the ocean to its new owner. So exciting!

black and white phone case

I Spy ~ iPhone 6 case design by escherly

Creating the designs brings me joy. Sharing them with others and anticipating their pleasure magnifies my joy.

In the next few weeks, I hope to have even more designs and products ready to share πŸ™‚ So check back here, follow me on Instagram (@escherlydesign) or visit one of my sites:

Just wait til you see what I have in store!



Joy and Gratitude

I’m filled with joy and gratitude today. Someone wonderful wants my pencil case πŸ™‚ As a designer, there’s nothing more exciting than finishing a creation and finding out that someone else loves it as much as you do!

pencil case

Colorable pencil case

Thank you!

Oh Christmas Tree!

Here’s another card design. I’m having a lot of fun creating them! Can you tell?

black and white card design of Christmas tree

Tree of Love ~ escherly 2015

By the way, I design under the name “escherly“. It’s a tribute to M.C. Escher, the Dutch graphic artist who has been an inspiration to me for years. If you’re not familiar with his work, do check out the link. It’s amazing.