Sunny Days

After almost a month of days of endless gray, the sun peeked out through the clouds yesterday. I’d forgotten how bright and warm even winter days can be when the sun is shining.

I stood by the window, eyes closed, and soaked up the rays for the few minutes that it shone. Such joy!

And captured the brilliance on the sun-kissed blossoms of my bougainvillea.

bougainvillea blooms

Sun-kissed bougainvillea. Photo by J. Wise

A Star Is Born

I discovered this beauty a few days ago. At first I thought it was a morning glory flower because I noticed it first thing in the morning.

Last evening, however, I saw a second one, unfurling slowly. Within an hour, it was completely open, and remained so all night. This morning it is gently closing.

It’s called a moonflower because it blooms during the night (and probably also because it’s white). However, for me it’s really a star flower. The star design at the centre reminds me that I am a star at my core (as are you), and it’s important to let that star quality shine for everyone to see!

moonflower blooming

A star is born! ~ photo by Julie Wise

Oh The Magic!

Spring is my favourite time of year – watching the new growth, seeing changes every day in the trees and gardens, listening to the chorus of birds by day and frogs by night.

It’s as if all of nature is bubbling with joy.

I love this photo I took recently. Such soft colours and delicate shapes. The promise of beauty unfolding.

spring leaves

The Promise of Spring ~ photo by Julie Wise

What do you enjoy most about spring?


Bursting Forth

As I walked in the falling snow today, I finally found words for my heart’s yearning.

My heart yearns to burst forth and radiate joy in the world.

Just the way my beautiful bougainvillea is bursting forth with vibrant colour and new growth right now.

bougainvillea in bloom

Bursting forth with joy!

My heart is at peace, having found the words to express its deepest desire. Now I listen for the whispers of next steps.

The Joy of Friendship

I’m so lucky. I have wonderful friends.

Last week, two of them brought me these flowers to celebrate my latest successes: the design and production of my new pencil case, and the launching of my shops on Etsy and on ArtofWhere.

20151123_100951_resized 2

The Gift of Friendship

Friends who support and encourage your dreams and creativity are such a gift, aren’t they?

Who motivates you to keep dreaming and creating?