The Pipes, The Pipes Are Calling

Have you ever been to a Tattoo? It’s a performance of marching military pipe and drum bands and features talented musicians as well as skillful marching choreography.

Lasy night we went to the Limestone Tattoo at Fort Henry.


Just walking into the Fort, past the thick walls and down the steep slope across the wooden bridge was an experience of stepping back in time.


A town crier dressed in ornate red and gold robes welcomed the audience. A cannon was fired to mark the start of the evening. And then the first two bands marched solemnly in through the narrow arch.


Oh the music! The haunting notes of a single bagpipe in the night air can send shivers down my spine. When there are dozens being skillfully played along with the resounding boom of the drums, I am transported to the Scottish highlands of long ago.


The finale brought all the bands – pipes, drums, flutes, bugles, brass – out onto the parade grounds together. As the sound of Amazing Grace echoed across the stone walls, I looked up to see the first stars in the sky above.

What a magical evening!