Double-Dare You!

Sometimes a song or video captivates me and fills me with joy. If it’s music, it makes me want to get up and move, sing like no one’s listening (trust me, it’s better than no one listens…I have no musical ability!), and let loose.

In such moments, joy fills me to overflowing.

Here’s one of those videos, shared with me by a friend (ignore the political affiliation, watch the moves, and let the beat take over).

I double-dare you to watch it and not feel joy, exhilaration, and vibrant happiness 🙂

Go ahead…try and stop your toes from tapping!

Oh What A Beautiful Morning!

With such beauty greeting you in the morning, you can’t help but feel good about the day!

morning glory flower

Morning Glory! ~ photo by Julie Wise

Rekindling the Passion

This week, just for the fun of it, I started doodling again. Adding a little more detail every day.

No plan.

Just play.

Because it slows me down, opens up my mind, and sparks my creative thinking.

black and white doodle

Play in progress. ~escherly design


Sometimes when my thoughts become muddled, or my feet lose their way, relaxing into non-thinking is exactly what I need.

How do you keep your passion alive? What do you do to reignite the spark?

Leave a comment. I’d love to know!

Just For Today

Our lives can be so busy and demanding. It’s easy to get distracted by worry, or stuck in what “could have, would have, should have” been.

It helps me to remember each morning that it’s a brand new day.

A fresh start.

A clean page.

The world awaits in all its sparkling glory, and so I begin anew.

ocean and sky

Today is always a new day. ~ Photo by Julie Wise


I was watching a great blue heron one day. It stood motionless at the edge of a small lake, yet every cell of its being was intently focused on what was happening in the water by its legs.

Suddenly it lunged forward and plucked a fish from the water with its long beak. Hunger satisfied!

Photo by Julie Wise

Photo by Julie Wise

Focus is the ability to ignore distractions and to tune in to what you want.

Focus matters.

Letting Go

There are times when I try too hard to make things happen. That’s when I get a gentle reminder like this card.

From the Miracles Now card deck by Gabrielle Bernstein

From the Miracles Now card deck by Gabrielle Bernstein

Sometimes the most productive action you can take is to let go and see what’s possible.

Just Say Yes!

I pulled this card today.

inspirational card with Yes on it

Just Say Yes!

It reminds me to say “Yes!” (in a resounding voice) to possibilities, opportunities and dreams. It also reminds me to keep my heart and mind open to opportunities I wouldn’t normally consider.

I realized though that the real joy, for me, lies in wondering…What are the amazing opportunities and possibilities that are seeking me out today?

I could almost clap my hands together in glee at the thought!