The Pipes, The Pipes Are Calling

Have you ever been to a Tattoo? It’s a performance of marching military pipe and drum bands and features talented musicians as well as skillful marching choreography.

Lasy night we went to the Limestone Tattoo at Fort Henry.


Just walking into the Fort, past the thick walls and down the steep slope across the wooden bridge was an experience of stepping back in time.


A town crier dressed in ornate red and gold robes welcomed the audience. A cannon was fired to mark the start of the evening. And then the first two bands marched solemnly in through the narrow arch.


Oh the music! The haunting notes of a single bagpipe in the night air can send shivers down my spine. When there are dozens being skillfully played along with the resounding boom of the drums, I am transported to the Scottish highlands of long ago.


The finale brought all the bands – pipes, drums, flutes, bugles, brass – out onto the parade grounds together. As the sound of Amazing Grace echoed across the stone walls, I looked up to see the first stars in the sky above.

What a magical evening!


Joy, Magic and Wind

Yesterday I didn’t post because so much happened. It was a fun day with much unexpected pleasure.

Belleville has an extensive bike trail system. Part of it runs along the lake and another along the Moira River, parallel to the main Street in downtown.

We followed the bike trail along the lake to the grocery store, past beautiful gardens, winding paths around lily ponds, and benches tucked under shade trees. On the way back, we stopped for ice cream.

Later in the afternoon and again in the evening for supper, we took the path along the Moira River, under overpasses, past ornamental grasses and tiger lilies, and over a cobblestone walkway into the heart of the town.


Last night, we had the unexpected pleasure of being invited to sail on a dinghy – an international class 420 dinghy to be exact. It is quite a different experience from our boat. It’s small, basic in structure and very responsive to the wind. It was a lot of fun.


And before bed, we were treated to an impromptu concert. One of our new sailing friends sang Celtic songs while her husband played the guitar. To hear such lilting music as against the backdrop of moon and stars was pure magic.

Today was our longest day yet – about six hours en route. The wind was strong so we did get about 3 hours of sailing in, but it was coming almost straight at us so we had to tack a lot. Tacking is like zigzagging up a bay – much slower than going in a straight line. Eventually the winds became so strong, gusty and unpredictable that we decided to take down the sails and motor in order to reach our destination for the day.


Tonight, we’re close to Picton, anchored off an island in a small bay.


And tomorrow? We’ll see!

Double-Dare You!

Sometimes a song or video captivates me and fills me with joy. If it’s music, it makes me want to get up and move, sing like no one’s listening (trust me, it’s better than no one listens…I have no musical ability!), and let loose.

In such moments, joy fills me to overflowing.

Here’s one of those videos, shared with me by a friend (ignore the political affiliation, watch the moves, and let the beat take over).

I double-dare you to watch it and not feel joy, exhilaration, and vibrant happiness 🙂

Go ahead…try and stop your toes from tapping!