Banishing the Gray!

It’s a gray day today, so I decided to have some fun…with colour 🙂

I’m colouring in my escherly pencil case using fabric markers. Love the results – bright, bold, happy. The perfect antidote to the gray skies outside my studio window.

colouring in my black and white pencil case

Adding colour to my day…and to my pencil case!

How do you banish the gray?


Child’s Play

I continue to play with this design, and it grows day by day. You may notice in the background my doodle-design pencil case. I’ve started to colour it in with fabric markers. Loving the look!

for blog

And so it grows!

If you’re curious to know how the design is done, check out my first short video here. Can you figure out what part of the design I’m working on in the video?

Joy and Gratitude

I’m filled with joy and gratitude today. Someone wonderful wants my pencil case 🙂 As a designer, there’s nothing more exciting than finishing a creation and finding out that someone else loves it as much as you do!

pencil case

Colorable pencil case

Thank you!

I’m So Excited!

Introducing …

black and white pencil case design

My new pencil case. My own design!

I was tired of having markers spread all over, so I decided to design a pencil case. This is my “Home is Where The Heart Is” design.

It’s manufactured in Montreal, Canada using polytwill outer fabric and lined with natural artist canvas. The fabric will not fade with use or washing. It measures 9″ x 4″ and, as I’ve discovered, holds a lot of pens!

pencil case

Another view

And … drum roll please … the best part is … it’s colourable!!! Using fabric markers (not included).

adding colour to pencil case

Colour it in!

How much fun is that??? It’s perfect for doodlers and people who love to colour. A great companion piece for all your artistic endeavours 🙂

Both sides are the same design, so you could colour one side and leave the other black and white.

You can see why I’m excited. Check it out here