Pure Joy

Australia…the land of endless empty beaches.

Joy beckons.


Define Joy, If You Can

What does joy mean to you?

Is it a feeling? How do you know when you’re experiencing it?

For me, joy is often a quiet inner knowing; a feeling that bubbles up from deep within and expands until it bursts out all around me. The whole world seems brighter and lighter in that moment and I feel like I’m being carried on the wind.

Sometimes I experience joy in certain places, or with specific people. Other times, it comes upon me unexpectedly. I find it’s elusive, hard to define, yet unmistakable when it arrives.

What brings you joy?


Flying across the water, wind in the sails … that’s joy!

A Photo Story

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Here’s a photo that speaks to me of great joy, although it may say little to you at first.

shoes in a hallway

A perfect evening!

These are some of the shoes worn by all the wonderful family and friends who came together last weekend to celebrate the wedding of my daughter and her longtime boyfriend. They came from all corners of the world, all ages, and a wide range of cultures.

Just looking at this photo speaks of me of vibrant conversations, heart-warming hugs, new friends, old friends, smiles and laughter, good food and drink, and the realization of just how loved my well-travelled daughter and her husband are.

What a blessing to have been a part of this extraordinary evening!

Wednesday’s Gift

I love unexpected gifts, don’t you?

There’s such joy and pleasure in the moment of receiving (and giving), and in the anticipation of what delights a gift may hold.

This morning, I gave myself the gift of a good book and nothing to do but curl up and immerse myself in the world of imagination.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Moments to treasure.

What gift have you given yourself lately?

Tuesday’s Joy

I find it’s the simple pleasures that bring me the greatest joy. Today, for example, it’s snowing and blowing outside. Quite pretty actually…if you don’t have to walk or drive in it.

So today’s joy is being inside, warm and cosy, looking out at the beauty of the falling snow.

snowy windowsill

From the inside out

What brings you joy today?

Monday’s Blessings

Last night, as I lay in bed, I was thinking about my blessings. And I noticed that I was smiling. It’s a great way to fall asleep – with a smile on your face!

I got to thinking that’s it’s also a great way to start the week (or the day).

So here are some of my “Monday Blessings”

  • the sun is shining
  • I’m healthy
  • there’s food in my fridge
  • I have money in the bank
  • I had a delicious meal with good friends last night
  • I have a comfortable place to live, with a cosy chair or two
  • there are several intriguing books by the couch
  • and did I mention the sun is shining?

What are some of your Monday Blessings?