Today I unpacked some beloved friends – from childhood and from adulthood. Well worn and well loved.

Treasured books.


They have been buried in boxes for several months while we navigated a move. I have felt bereft and lonely without them. Today I freed them from the confines of the closet and introduced them to their new surroundings.


Simultaneously I am reading Marie Kondo’s book, “The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up”. So, as she suggests, I spread all my books out in front of me and picked up one at a time. I asked myself her simple question, “Does this book spark joy?”


I kept the ones that ignited a feeling of joy. The others I set aside to give away so that they will bring joy to someone else.

My bookshelves are emptier now yet filled with books that make me smile.


And there are five fewer boxes in the closet! Bonus! 😊


Wednesday’s Gift

I love unexpected gifts, don’t you?

There’s such joy and pleasure in the moment of receiving (and giving), and in the anticipation of what delights a gift may hold.

This morning, I gave myself the gift of a good book and nothing to do but curl up and immerse myself in the world of imagination.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Moments to treasure.

What gift have you given yourself lately?