Giving Thanks

This weekend in Canada, we celebrated Thanksgiving.

There are so many things to be thankful for…family, friends, good health, the beauty that surrounds us, walks in nature, a country at peace.

And this weekend’s weather: picture perfect!

trees changing colour

A Canadian Thanksgiving postcard moment!

Oh The Magic!

Spring is my favourite time of year – watching the new growth, seeing changes every day in the trees and gardens, listening to the chorus of birds by day and frogs by night.

It’s as if all of nature is bubbling with joy.

I love this photo I took recently. Such soft colours and delicate shapes. The promise of beauty unfolding.

spring leaves

The Promise of Spring ~ photo by Julie Wise

What do you enjoy most about spring?


Fire and Ice

Over the last few days, we had a severe ice storm. Although such a storm brings destruction and power failures, it also brings unexpected beauty.

Here are a few moments of splendour captured looking through the windows at the back of my home.

ice 1 cropped

Encased in ice

ice3 cropped


ice 4 cropped

Fire and ice

In the last photo, doesn’t it look like the branches are on fire? Or diamonds sparkling against the blue sky?  These branches are at the top of a 40′ tree, dancing in the fiery light of the sun. Pure magic!

Colour Me Joyful

I know I posted this design a few weeks ago. Now it’s finished. And it brings me such joy every time I look at it.

Maybe it’s the birch tree? I love the way it seems to move and dance across the page.

Or maybe it’s the cardinal – the splash of red against the black and white background.

Whatever the source, this design embodies joy for me.

birch tree and cardinal

A Splash of Colour ~ escherly 2016

Oh Christmas Tree!

Here’s another card design. I’m having a lot of fun creating them! Can you tell?

black and white card design of Christmas tree

Tree of Love ~ escherly 2015

By the way, I design under the name “escherly“. It’s a tribute to M.C. Escher, the Dutch graphic artist who has been an inspiration to me for years. If you’re not familiar with his work, do check out the link. It’s amazing.