Day Two: Tadoussac

We arrived in Tadoussac late afternoon by ferry. It’s a free 10-minute ride across the Saguenay River. Apparently, you can sometimes see whales in the fjord near the ferry.

We didn’t but the scenery was picturesque.


Before dinner, we followed a short hiking path that took us out to large rocks overlooking the St. Lawrence.


And then wandered back through the town to find a restaurant for supper.

It’s a quaint community with a long history: a hotel that was originally built in the 1800’s, a chapel with a cemetery dating back to the same era, and a Protestant church built by pioneers. So many of the buildings are white clapboard with red trim.


Near our B and B I saw several barns that were evidently very old. Oh, the stories they could tell!


As we walked back to our B and B after supper, the full moon rose over the hills, casting an orange glow on the town below. The colour reminded me of the changing leaves we have been seeing along the way.


I wonder what surprises tomorrow will bring.